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Book of the Week

Yorkshire by Richard Morris


Yorkshire, it has been said, is 'a continent unto itself', a region where mountain, plain, coast, downs, fen and heath lie close. By weaving history, family stories, travelogue and ecology, Richard Morris reveals how Yorkshire took shape as a landscape and in literature, legend and popular regard.We descend into the county's netherworld of caves and mines, and face episodes at once brave and dark, such as the part played by Whitby and Hull in emptying Arctic waters of whales, or the re-routing of rivers and destruction of Yorkshire's fens. We are introduced to discoverers and inventions, meet the people who came and went, encounter real and fabled heroes, and discover why, from the Iron Age to the Cold War, Yorkshire has been such a key place in times of tension and struggle.In a wide-ranging and lyrical narrative, Morris finds that for as far back as we can look Yorkshire has been a region of unique presence with links around the world.

Book at Bedtime

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce


Playful and experimental, James Joyce's autobiographical A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is a vivid portrayal of emotional and intellectual development. This Penguin Modern Classics edition is edited with an introduction and notes by Seamus Deane.The portrayal of Stephen Dedalus's Dublin childhood and youth, his quest for identity through art and his gradual emancipation from the claims of family, religion and Ireland itself, is also an oblique self-portrait of the young James Joyce and a universal testament to the artist's 'eternal imagination'. Both an insight into Joyce's life and childhood, and a unique work of modernist fiction, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is a novel of sexual awakening, religious rebellion and the essential search for voice and meaning that every nascent artist must face in order to fully come into themselves.

The Costa Book Awards


Helen Dunmore has been awarded the Costa Book of the Year for her poetry collection 'Inside the Wave'.

To be alive is to be inside the wave, always travelling until it breaks and is gone. These poems are concerned with the borderline between the living and the dead - the underworld and the human living world - and the exquisitely intense being of both. They possess a spare, eloquent lyricism as they explore the bliss and anguish of the voyage. Inside the Wave was Helen Dunmore's first new poetry book since The Malarkey (2012), whose title-poem won the National Poetry Competition. Her other books include Glad of These Times (2007), and Out of the Blue: Poems 1975-2001 (2001), a comprehensive selection drawing on seven previous collections. Her final poem, 'Hold out your arms', was written shortly before her death in June 2017.

These are the books that were most popular with our customers last week......


1. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

2. Reservoir 13 by Jon McGregor

3.Inside the Wave by Helen Dunmore

4. The History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund

5. Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller

6. Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

7. Anything is Possible by Elizabeth Strout

8. Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

9. The Defectors by Joseph Kanon

10. Women and Power: A Manifesto by Mary Beard

If you would like to read any of these books, please send us a message from our contacts page, and we will reserve a copy for you.

McMafia by Misha Glenny


Have you ever bought a pirate DVD? Taken drugs? Fallen for a phishing scam?Organised crime is part of all our worlds - often without us even knowing. McMafia is a journey through the new world of international organised crime, from gunrunners in Ukraine to money launderers in Dubai, by way of drug syndicates in Canada and cyber criminals in Brazil. During his investigation into the dark side Misha Glenny speaks to countless gangsters, policemen and victims of organized crime, and also explores the ferocious consumer demands for drugs, trafficked women, illegal labour and arms across five continents.

Your local bookshop

Pitshanger Bookshop has been a feature on Pitshanger Lane for nearly 20 years. My name is Fiona Kennedy and I've owned the shop since August 2011.

There are 5 of us working here at various times: myself, Hazel, Ruth and Vanda. We all live locally and love the neighbourhood. And of course we all love books too! You can see what we're reading at the moment on the right hand side of this home page. We love chatting about books, making recommendations, and hearing what our customers recommend too. We offer a friendly service so please feel free to approach any of us if you need help or advice when you're in the shop. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Hazel is reading....

A Wood of One's Own by Ruth Pavey


This is a charming book by a lady who buys four acres of land in the Somerset Levels to plant a wood (a long-held ambition). It chronicles the ups and downs of her project and introduces us to her new neighbours. It is beautifully illustrated with pen and ink drawings.

This would be the prefect gift for anyone who loves nature.

Fiona is reading....

Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney


A debut novel about two students who make friends with an older couple and get drawn into a world that is both glamorous and challenging. Each character is so convincing and fascinating that I feel like I want to inhabit each chapter and observe them at first-hand.

Coming up

  • Spies, Seduction, The SS and the Stasi: Berlin in Fiction


Authors David Young and Jane Thynne celebrate Germany's fascinating capital and its inspiration for their fiction as part of the promotional tour for David's new novel, A Darker State. David's female protagonist Karin Muller is a detective for East Germany's People's Police in his award-winning Cold War-era crime thrillers (which began with Stasi Child and Stasi Wolf), while Jane's bestselling Clara Vine series follows the fortunes of an Angle-German actress and British spy in pre-war and wartime Nazi Berlin. Their talk will include world exclusive photographs and a chance to volunteer for a communist v capitalist taste test.

If you are interested do join us on Wednesday 21st February at 7pm. Booking essential!